Enjoy your stay!!!

We have always enjoyed offering our warm Greek hospitality and we have a big and long-standing experience in that.

We developed areas where the modern decoration, the luxury, the comfort of modern rooms with the warmth of the traditional ones are combined!!!

Having as duty your own comfort and aiming at your special enjoyment, we cared of all the villas to be characterized by high esthetics, roominess and absolute functionality.

Our complex contains four elegant villas which are built by the local stone of Zante island, according to the traditional architecture of the island.

All the villas have a magic view to the sea and built among fully green gardens!!!

Every villa has a private swimming pool of great dimensions equipped with gear of opposite swimming and gazes into the shocking view to Marathonissi and ensure for you the absolute coverage of the private moments of relaxation during your vacations.
The thick stone walls secure wonderful conditions of stay for you in the most natural way.
Modern and functional pieces of furniture of excellent design, enhance the grandeur of the stone while the bathrooms being designed in a particular lovely way will enthral you.
We cared of establishing a place for you, where the luxury and the modern decoration bow to serve your own comfort and distinctive enjoyment.
All the rooms are characterized by convenience, roominess and absolute functionality.

What captivates the glance and takes somebody’s breath away is the unique view.
The amphitheatrical location of the premises as well as the way in which the villas were built so that they do not obstruct each other , offer to all the premises an unhindered view to the boundless light blue of the crystal waters of Zante and of magic Marathonisi (Marathonisi island).
Overrun with greens and with an incomparable view the Exensian Villas offer you exceptional moments of isolation and refreshment.

Endless green not worrying of stopping even there where the hard saltiness of the sea water starts, trees looking as if they are hung from the sea.
The fantastic beach of Marathias waits for you who look for calm, tranquility and beauty which do not let you to think about anything else.

What we offer

We and our staff will do everything to ensure your visit will forever be a wonderful memory!!!

What we did

We have combined the wisdom and the beauty of local architecture with every aspect of modern technology and interior design and we have created your private paradise!!!